Living as an Asian, i am more familiar with asian taste and recipe in cooking. Which sometime make it more difficult to eat raw foods – we always have to do something with the raw ingredients with seasoning or herbs lol. This is the old recipe from my mother in law that taste really good if you love asian cuisine.

Sauce Ingredients :

  • A half thumb of Turmeric
  • Couple of Red onions and garlic
  • Half thumb of galangal
  • Red Chilli

What you need to do :

  • Blend them altogether in a blender with water to blend them up
  • Pour it to the pan and cook it with the additional of orange leaves until its cooked through (it wont be so much watery then)
  • Add on the fish, basil and seasoning (salt and pepper)
  • Cook until the fish is done and serve.

It is good to have when you are running out of ideas to how to cook the fish after a long week of having them šŸ˜€ but again, it is tasty. You can add more chili if you love your food to be spicy.

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