Ningxia Strawberry Jam

It’s basically the same recipe with my homemade strawberry jam. But for this one, i mix it with Ningxia. Our family is a Ningxia lover. We have Ningxia every single day. Ningxia is a rich antioxidant drink that is very good for our health. The taste itself is sour and sweet, perfect for a strawberry jam!

Strawberry Jam is the simplest recipe. You only need 3 base ingredients which are strawberries, water and stevia.

I use 100 ml water and 100 ml Ningxia for 100 gr strawberries with 5 tbs stevia / coconut sugar. Be mindful that coconut sugar will also turn the jam color to be darker in brown.

  • Put the water and Ningxia in a non stick caserolle
  • Add stevia and cook it a while
  • Put the strawberries in
  • Cook until the strawberries soften and the texture become jam as the water cooked down
  • Put it in a bowl until its cooled down before moving it to the jar

Jam is something we always want to have in the house, right! Because there will always be a “bread – snacking” time. Especially for us with kids, jam and bread is like a saver in lots of times.

Follow along as i will share The gluten free cake on the next post for the perfect companion of this jam.

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