Shrimp and Lemon Mushroom

This is a classic recipe that never fails me! It tastes so good that all of the family members just love it when i make this. Easy to prep and make with a delicate taste.

For the mushroom, you can use ant type of mushroom. I use Champignon Mushroom here. So instead of draining or soaking them in the water, all we need to do is just wipe clean all the mushroom with wet cloth. You can use Veggies Soap too and wipe them all clean after that. The reason of not soaking or washing them in the water is because we don’t want to puff them with water. A dry mushroom will brown better when it’s fried.

Then prep and clean your shrim. Put it aside.

Another thing you need to prep in another bowl is onion ring, parsley, butter, italian herbs, lemon shred. (Don’t throw the rest of lemon as we want to squeezed them later).

  • Put some olive oil into the pan, add all the mushroom in facing up. Let them fry until its brown to one side before stiring it all
  • After its brown on one side – we can put it upside down to brown the other side
  • After everything is brown – put the onion, butter, parsley, lemon shred and italian herbs mix that you have prep. Stir them well
  • Add the shrimp – some seasoning (salt and pepper)
  • Squeezed the lemon and cook them a bit
  • And you’re done!

A simple dish for any moments 🙂

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