Basic Aglio Olio Recipe

Once i’ve tried this recipe, i fell in love. All the ingredients are so simple and mostly ready at our home.

Spaghetti. I use a gluten free pasta. Boil the pasta to the aldente texture in a lot of water. You don’t want it to be too hard or too soft. While boiling the pasta, we can prep all of the other ingredients. Once the pasta is done, it is better to cook it right away so it wont stick up together.

Garlic. Basically this basic Aglio Olio is all about garlic, parsley and chili. And since i love garlic, i’d like to put quite a lot of it.

Chili. You can use fresh chili or chili flakes.

Parsley. Mince the parsley as much as you like it.

Put some oil into the fry pan, i use light olive oil but you can use any oil. Don’t pour too little of oil as we need the spaghetti to have enough oil to not stick up together.

Put all the garlic, chili into the oils and cook until the garlic quite brown enough, then put the spaghetti and parsley inside. Stir them up until its all well mixed.

Season with salt and pepper and you’re done.

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