Homemade Almondtela

Okay, not only this is tastier, it also healthier – no artificials, sugar free, easy to make and lots cheaper actually. So you definitely need to make this at home

From the previous post, we have known how to make an Almond Butter. Well the base of Nutella is either Almond Butter or Hazelnut Butter. It only needs 4 ingredients for this Nutella.

Nuts. You can use any kind of nuts even peanuts will do. In here i choose Almond. Make an Almond Butter like the previous post. For the sweetness, you can choose either Maple Syrup, Dates or Honey.

Chocolate. You could use cacao powder.

Simply mix them together with a spoon and you’ll have a tasty homemade Nutella 🙂 . It’s perfect for spread or toppings or fillings for anything.

Store it in a fridge for 2 months. If it’s a little harden – thaw it a while at the table before using it.

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