Chicken Caesar Salad With Homemade Mayo

I don’t know what’s so proud of making a Chicken Caesar Salad, but i am lol. My first ever Chicken Caesar Salad with Homemade Mayo.

Mayonaise. Mayonaise takes a big part in salad for sure, and after succesfully make a homemade version, i never grab any pack of packed mayo in the supermarket anymore. Check my homemade Mayonaise recipe here.

Veggies. I use celery (both the leaves and stem), cherry tomatoes (you can switch it to grapes), lettuce, Onion ring, and green onion. You can also add Tarragon, we at Indonesia are very hard to find such herbs like Tarragon, Rosemary, Basil, etc. So, i basically use whatever i could easily find in the local market.

Protein. I use Chicken. You can use shrimp or fish.

Crunch. I supposed to add some roasted Almond, blame my motherbrain, i forgot to include them lol. So yeah, go ahead to add some roasted almond. By the way, the celery stem itself is also crunchy and very good to add them in.

Seasoning. Add a pinch of salt and pepper.

As simple as it looks – simply mix them in a bowl with spoon and you’ll have a fresh Chicken Caesar Salad. It’s probably the easiest salad (apart from the homemade mayonaise which you can use packed mayonaise to actually get the “easier” part). But it is healthier to have a homemade mayo. I only make Mayo when i needed, and store it in the fridge for a week so i could use a batch for couple of menus and times.

If you are a salad lover, It tastes so good and fresh, you keep wanting more.

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