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Tamago Sando With Homemade Mayonaise

Tamago Sando or Japanese Egg Sandwich is so enjoyable for breakfast or anytime around the day. You can make this easily for a tea or coffee time or even for meal on the go.

Mayonaise. I use my homemade Mayonaise recipe, check the recipe here.

Egg. You can use 3 eggs for 2 portions of sandwiches. Boil / steam the eggs until it’s done (for about 10 minutes). Then soon after draining the eggs from a boil, put it in an ice water to stop the cooking.

Mustard. Use a bit of mustard for a tangy taste.

Seasoning. Simply add a pinch of salt and pepper.

Milk. You can use plant milk / nut milk / oat milk for a healthier options, or simply dairy milk.

Steps :

  • Basically you just need to mix everything together
  • Peel them out and cut in half. Take out the yolk and put it in a bowl
  • Put a table spoon of mayonaise and whisk it with a fork with the yolk, it will become a little bit creamy
  • Add the plant milk
  • Dice up the the white egg and add it into the bowl
  • Add a pinch of seasoning and stir well
  • Spread it in the sandwich and cut in half (you can also put it in a food paper sheet or plastic then cut it in half of you want to eat it on the go)

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