This is good and perfect for any time and on the go. Almocho as you probably know already stands for Almond Chocolate. It’s also perfect for kids, my kids love it so much they’d ask for more everytime lol.

Almond Butter. You’ll need a creamy almond butter, buy an organic homemade almond butter or you can make your own. Check my recipe here.

Energy. We can actually add so many things as the energy, from oat, seeds like sunflower or flaxseed, to nuts and dry berries, etc. I use rice crispy, roasted oat (roast the raw oat in the pan) and almond crunch.

Chocolate. Melt a dark chocolate bar for icing.

Sweeteners. Use a natural sweet like organic maple syrup, stevia, monk fruit or pure honey.

Other things. Is to add a little bit of vanilla extract and baking soda.

Mix up everything in one bowl and round them up before putting it to a bowl of chocolate. Put it on the fridge, it could last quite long i’m aftaid you won’t have to worry about it as these bites will surely gone already lol.

Aside from making it as bites, you can also mix up the chocolate and make it as an energy bar. I made it as bars for the kids as it’s easier for them to hold and eat.

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