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Tuna Sandwich with Homemade Mayo and Homemade Oatmilk

This is what i called my comfort breakfast. For a tuna lover, tuna sandwich is probably our “must buy” food everytime we see it in the store. But now, since we can make our own homemade Mayonaise, let’s make ‘em!

The filling it self is like the Tamago Sando recipe, i just add some tuna fish here.

For the tuna, you could use fresh tuna which is better. Grilled it on the lan with small heat, add a pinch of salt and pepper. Let it cool down and mashed the fish to small pieces.

If you’re using a canned tuna, drain the tuna from the salty water inside the can the best you could. We want it dry.

Mix in one bowl : the mayonaise (check my homemade mayonaise recipe here), egg, mustard, salt and pepper, green onion and tuna.

Perfect mate for some homemade oatmilk 🙂 (check my homemade oatmilk recipe here)

It’s also perfect for breakfast on the go, put it on a snack bag and take it to road 🙂

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