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So it’s basically a classic aglio olio recipe, but i was trying for the first time using Einkorn Spaghetti. Einkorn is the first form of wheat, is an ancient wheat. The difference between einkorn wheat and a modern wheat itself is that modern wheat has been transformed so much through lots of processes that actually has become a new species of wheat that contains Gliadin. Check the between the difference details here.

After trying Einkorn Spaghetti, i found that it is faster to cook with einkorn spagetti than the regular spaghetti. So it makes it easier and also tastes very good. It has a specific aroma of wheat that is not found on reguler wheat, in a good way. The texture is softer too.

Since this is a classic aglio olio, the simplest one yet so tasty already without anything complicated. I only use 4 ingredients beside the spaghetti, which is garlic (lots of them), fresh chili (you can add chili flakes as you like), and parsley.

Boil the spaghetti until it’s al dente (make sure to not overcook it, otherwise it will be like a smashed spaghetti instead). When it’s almost done, put garlic and chili on the pan with generous amount of olive oil. When it starts to brown, put in the drain spaghetti + parsley. Stir them well and voila, it’s done.

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