Homemade Chili Sauce with Homemade Potato Chips

Being an Indonesian, we love chili, and there are a lot of dishes including chili in it. We also love buying and even taking packed chili sauce abroad. So if you bump up with someone in a restaurant that happens to open a brought chili sauce, she / he probably is Indonesian lol. And today i am making my own homemade chili sauce.

Chili. I use fresh red curly chili, you can use any chili you’d like. you even could add some green tiny chilis for more spices. To make a very soft texture, you can remove the chili seeds, but me in here didn’t move it to make it more spicy.

Tomatoes. Pick up some good red fresh tomatoes.

Sweetener. You could use coconut sugar or brown sugar, or any kind of sugar actually. But coconut sugar probably is a healthier option to pick.

Aromatic. Don’t forget to pick up some garlic and red onion. Don’t use too much of garlic if you don’t like a strong aroma of garlic comes out from your chili sauce

Seasoning. Salt and pepper

Flour + water. Put 2 tbs of flour (you can use sagoe flour or corn flour) in a small glass of water, don’t put too much of water as we want it to be like creamy milk texture

For the tools, i use 3 tools here. A blender to blend everything, a non stick pan to cook it, and a hand mixer to turn the texture to be creamier.

  • Blend together chilis, tomatoes, garlic and red onion. I use 6 tomatoes with almost 100 gr of chilis, but if you want more spice you can add more chilis, if you are not so into spice you can use probably like 50 gr. So i leave the measure to you. Blend it with water as usual.
  • Then we want to cook it until the water is reduced. Once it’s cooked, it won’t taste raw anymore
  • While cooking, add some seasoning. Make sure to taste everything until it meets your taste
  • once the water is reduced, move it into the hand mixer jar and mix it with a hand mixer. You’ll see the texture will become more creamy
  • Put it back into the pan, turn on a small heat and pour a little by little the sagoe water while stiring. This sagoe will make the texture to be more sauce like. So, puting it little by little while observing the texture until it meets our expectation of how a bottles chili sauce would look like

Store it in a jar and put it in the fridge for couple of weeks 🙂

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