Simple Classic Meesua

Being a chinesse, meesua is so much familiar. It’s something that i personally had since i was younger. And now after being a mom, i find my kids also love having meesua. Maybe because it’s easier to eat, it’s soft and light and such a comfort food.

There are a lot of types of mee sua. Starting from meesua that made from rice, brown rice, pumpkin, beet and so on. I usually try to find an organic one either made from rice or plants .

This recipe is the simplest version for the kids.

  • Boil the meesua until it’s soft but don’t overcook it
  • Saute minced garlic until it’s brown with either olive oil or sesame oil
  • Add some green veggies your choice
  • Poach an egg, scramble it
  • Put in the meesua
  • Saute them altogether
  • Add some salt and pepper and sweet soy sauce
  • It’s done!

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