This dish realy reminds me of my teenage times where i would hang out with my friends at Pizza Store in the mall and have some potato salad along with some pizzas. And so this recipe has the exact taste as the pizza store had.

Potatoes. If you could find red potatoes then it’s better! Red potatoes have less water and so ut’s usually perfect for making salad or french fries .

Mayonaise. I use my homemade mayonaise, check the recipe here , i really recommend you to make your own than to buy mayonaise from the store as it is so easy to make and really tasty.

Eggs. It’s basically like my tamago sando recipe with additional of potatoes and greens. So yes, we need to boil some eggs.

Greens. I use green onion and celery (stem only for the crunchy texture)

Seasoning. A pinch of salt and pepper won’t hurt

I prefer to boil the potatoes than steaming it because of the texture it will become. You can boil the potatoes before dice it up or otherwise.

Dice up the hard boiled eggs and the greens

Mix everything in one bowl and season it. Voila, you have them for your side dish salad.

My lunch the other day, salmon + potato salad + rice

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