This Asian’s cuisine is a 20 minutes dish that will always be so enjoyable to eat. There are two common versions of chicken teriyaki, the Japanesse version and Chinesse version. The difference between this too is on the sauce for sure. While the Japanesse use sake and mirin for the base, the Chinesse version use soy sace for the base.

Chicken. I use boneless chicken’s thighs, as it is more juicy and tender. Cut a medium size, not too small as it will downsize a little bit when it’s cooked.

Sauce. Because this us a Chinesse version, i use salty soy sauce, sweet soy sauce, garlic powder, sliced garlic, pepper and mushroom powder.

Complementary. Sesame seed and green onion.

  • Pour in generous amount of olive oil (enough to cover the base of the pan)
  • Put in the chicken by hand, little tips so the chicken won’t stick to your pan is that after putting in the chicken – don’t move it until it’s looking white on one side then you can move it around.
  • We don’t want to cook it too much as we will still cook it for quite a while with the sauce, so
  • Pour in the sauce and let it cook with small heat until the sauce is reduced. I’d like to pour the sauce until it’s quite covering the chicken so that it can absorb to the chicken
  • I don’t use additional water, justvthe sauce ingredients with self comparison lol
  • Once the sauce is reduced and absorb, take it up and sprinkle some sesame seed and green onion on top

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