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Who doesn’t desire of an ice cream?! The coolness and sweet taste really could brighten up our day isn’t it?! But be wise consuming ice creams as it has lots of sugar and dairy. Now, here is a simple recipe to replace well one in couple of ice cream moments. It tastes so good with the same coolness and texture that my kids said it’s even better than the ice cream they had. Lol #itstrue

Banana. Take two bananas, slice it up – not too thick as we want to make it as a burger bun.

Almond Butter. Make an Almond Butter, or you can buy a homemade almond butter. Check my homemade recipe here.

Chocolate. You can use dari chocolate or milk chocolate for the kids. Melt it with coconut oil in a double boiler.

Cut the bananas with the same size and put it on a tin line it with bread paper. Put some peanut butter on top and stack it with another sliced banana.

You’ll need to a little bit race with the time as we don’t want the banana to get brown before we could put it in the freezer.

Once you’ve done with all the bananas, put it in the freezer. While they are in the freezer, you could do the chocolate now.

Melt the chocolate with a little bit of coconut oil in a double boiler. Once it’s done, take out the frozen bananas and dip it in the chocolate.

Tips : After dipping it, swirl it a little bit in the air so the chocolate won’t get messy when you put then in the tray. After you put the banana in the tray, don’t move it a single bit. Let it stay until all bananas are done and put them back to the freezer. This way, the chocolate will stick and freeze perfectly on both sides.

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