Bakmi is a very popular dish in Asian. From where i live, i literally could find Bakmi store in every 5 meters. Really! Bakmi is a noodle dish with some side dishes and it could varies in every asian countries or cultures. In Indonesia here, you’ll usually get Bakmi with chicken, some greens and tauge, egg and chillis. But there’s also the one that’s coming with pork, pangsit (dumpling), meatballs, etc. Today we’re making the classic chicken bakmi.

Bakmi. I use my personal healthy noodle which yes i am selling them here in Indonesia ( . What’s special about this noodle is that it’s naturally homemade with no junk, no preservatives and no processing it with ash water (here in Indonesia there are so many noodle that is being processed with ash water to make it preserve longer). We too have a vegetables noodles 🙂

Chicken. I like to use chicken thigh as it is more tender and juicy.

Greens. You could use cai sim, pak coy, even lettuce (my mom love to use lettuce in her version of bakmi lol). You can also add tauge if you’d like. And herbs like green onion, cilantro etc

Egg. I here use quail eggs but it could be any eggs really from chicken to duck eggs.

Spice. I here use sliced chili. Or you can also make my homemade chili sauce. noodle : Beet Root Noodle and Egg Noodle

Sweet Chicken :

  • Dice up the chicken thigh and boil the eggs
  • Fill the pan with olive oil until the base of the pan is covered with oil and saute some garlic
  • Put the chicken in with hand and don’t move them a bit once you’ve put them in to prevent the chicken get stick to the pan. Once it’s begin to change to white color, stir it along.
  • Before the chicken is cooked through, put inside some sweet soy sauce, oyster sauce, and water
  • give some generous seasoning of salt and pepper (taste it first)
  • Put in the hard boiled egg and Cook them in the cooking broth a while for it to absorb to both the chicken and eggs

Garlic Oil : Saute some chopped garlic in a generous amount of olive oil, before it get too brown, take it up and store it in a bowl / jar. Garlic oil has a very nice aroma, perfect for Bakmi.

Noodle and Veggies :

  • Boil the noodle and veggies
  • In a bowl, pour in a little amount of garlic oil (simply saute some chopped garlic in generous amount of oils – before it’s too brown, take it up and store it in a bowl / jar), salty soy sauce (or salt) and mushroom powder
  • Put the boiled noodles into the bowl and stir it up
  • Put all the elements together in the bowl

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