Salted Maple Butter Spread is creamy, in between of salty and sweet, it could be a booster in your bread or cake. In making a pumpkin bread this morning, i also made this salted maple butter spread to spread it on top. So before we get to the pumpkin bread’s recipe, let’s dig in to this easy and tasty spread!

Talking about spread, i have made couple of spread and love to store them in the fridge for anytime of needs. Homemade spread in fact will akways be less sugar than the packed ones, i even found that it could be half sugar than the stores had. So it will be always a better option, not to mention that when you’re making hpmemade – you won’t be using any preservatives or chemical junk. So i really recommend in making homemade spreads – check in to my blog as i’ve shared couple of homemade spread recipes.

Butter. You can use a vegan butter or unsalted butter, always use room temperature butter

Maple. Use a pure organic maple syrup.

Salt. You can use any kind of salt honestly. Only use when your butter is unsalted.

There’s only 3 ingredients and 1 step here!

  • Use a mixer to mix the butter until it’s fluffy and little bit fade in color, for about 5-10 minutes. It won’t get super white though
  • Add in the maple syrup little by little while still mixing. The maple syrup will turn the butter to be pale white
  • Then add the salt
  • Mix until it’s homogeneously and it’s done

You can use this spread to any bread or cakes. For this post, i spread it on top of a pumpkin bread and it really brings out the flavor more. The salty and sweet of the spread really combine well with my pumpkin bread.

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