Grilled Salmon with Garlic Herbs Sauce

There are so many ways in grilling a salmon, and the game changer of grilling the salmon of course is on its grilling sauce. Today i am sharing one of my favorite which is a simple garlic oil with parsley and cilantro. Imagining these two herbs together already bringing sense of flavour in our memories, right!

Salmon. From oven bake to grilling on a pan will always works for salmon. And i usually like to just grill it on the pan for an easy prep.

Oil. You do want to use a good quality of oil, either it’s an olive oil, avocado oil or coconut oil. A good quality of oil is considered a better option of fat and it’s also better because it doesn’t really act as inflammation to our body.

Garlic and Herbs. Minced everything to small pieces.

Simply pour our your oil in a bowl with minced garlic and herbs, add some salt and pepper. Brush it to your salmon with hand or brush and grill the salmon on the pan until it’s cooked.

You can also add more sauce before enjoying the salmon 🙂

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