I rarely cook beef – but sometimes i do cook them for my husband or family. And yesterday was a teriyaki day for him. It’s an asian version but so tasty indeed. Longing for a store bought teriyaki beef slice? Try make it your own!

Beef. You’ll want to buy a beef slice – it’s thinner and goes along with the fat which is how teriyaki commonly looks like. And tips for the beef to be still tender is never overcook them.

Sauce. As i mentioned that this is a chinesse version so you’ll need your soy sauce on hands. Sweet soy sauce and salty soy sauce.

Seasoning. I use salt and pepper (for i only used the salty soy sauce a bit), garlic powder also is a game changer here, you can also add organic grilled chicken seasoning powder which going to add more flavors to it.

Garlic and Onion. Minced the garlic and slice the onion ring.

Compliments. Add some green onion and sesame seeds.

  • Beef slice is so thin that it is so easy to cooked through. And because of this, it is so easy for us to overcook it. When we overcook a protein for sure it will be hard and dry in taste and texture
  • Saute the onion ring and garlic, put the beef in, saute for only a while and take it out
  • Leaving the onion and garlic in the pan, add the sauce and seasoning ingredients. This will be your sauce
  • Put the beef slice in and cooked with a smaller to medium heat until the sauce absorb to the beef
  • Take it out and add some green onion and sesame seeds
  • Enjoy with rice and some veggies will be perfect

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