Between Einkorn, Gluten and Modern Wheat

Talking about wheat, and choosing a better wheat is somehow complicated and seems like a lot to do. So today i would like to share couple things about wheat. What’s the history, what’s the difference, and why is gluten seems like the bad guy?

Talking about wheat, we seems to can’t leave out the gluten free topic. There are more and more products that are labeled with gluten free, from flour to pasta, you can find a gluten free option for these easily on the store. But does it really just about the gluten?

What if eating gluten free was as simply choosing a better wheat flour?

By definition, all wheat flours contain gluten. It’s how they are created that makes a difference. The wheat on the store today is NOT the same wheat as we consume long time ago.

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Like many others crops and foods, business has somehow had taken a big part of what we are consuming today. The same goes with wheat, it has been optimized to benefit the farmers and businessman more. This is good for the farmers and business but could also be the blame to the rise of gluten intolerance, more and more inflammation disease and also celiac disease.

For those who has celiac disease, for sure will avoid any wheat. And for a person like me who’s battling with eczema also has a difficulty in choosing a better wheat, and for you who has no problem at all with wheat and gluten, i really think it’s also good to know how this wheat industries goes along the way.


Einkorn is an ancient grain that has never been hybridized, it means that it’s the same now and it’s always has been.

Now there are a lot people that haven’t know this, where the wheat you find in the stores – is not the same wheat as it’s supposed to be a long time ago. It has been hybridized into a new species of wheat.

Pict fr downwiththecrumbs.com (left to right : einkorn, spelt, kamut)

Early on the history, Einkorn grew wild in the far east. Einkorn is one of the earliest crops. As an unmodified, ancient grain, Einkorn contains 14 chromosomes.

A little while later, Emmer spontaneously appeared as the first hybridized wheat, being a part of wild wheat and part goat grass make Emmer contains 28 chromosomes.

Then, Spelt emerged. It’s a hybrid of Emmer and Goat grass. Spelt is the second hybridization and contains 42 chromosomes.

Over the time, farmers bred spelt and emmer to create the wheat today’s Durum Wheat, Spelt and Soft Wheat which often categorized as modern wheat. These too has 42 chromosomes.

As farmers has tested and experimented, over the year they have been able to control the quality of grain by adding 28 “new DNA” of wheat that aren’t necessary. One for resisting the cold, another for resisting the spoilage in transport and for a better rise in bread. Which are a good news for the milling and baking industries. But not for us consumers.


Don’t forget that every wheat contains gluten. There are two types of protein in gluten :

  • Gliadin (which cause the rise)
  • Glutenin (which causes elasticity)

Most people with gluten issues will have a negative effect to gliadin. Gliadin is what cause troubles the most in most gluten.

Einkorn has a higher ratio of gliadin. So at first, you’ll think that Einkorn is a worse option of wheat. But don’t forget that Einkorn is the first form of wheat, and not being hybridized. This means that the gluten from Einkorn is naturally formed and is it the original DNA of Einkorn. So, our body will accept it and digest this gluten properly.

It’s like how we easier to digest raw milk because of all the enzymes rather than pasteurized milk. Einkorn also has more nutrients, fiber and vitamins than the modern wheat.

So the people with gluten sensitivity or gluten intolerance are often able to consume Einkorn. But for people with Celiac Disease will always be minded to avoid all kinds of wheat.

Pict fr downwiththecrumbs.com (up : spelt, bottom : einkorn)


I gotta say that it is not always easy to find an Einkorn Flour, especially if you’re living in Asia. I had to get my Einkorn Flour and pasta from Young Living USA. So yes, i do spend more budget for my wheat.

But here’s the thing about spending more budget. Spending more for a better foods (and not just wheat), also minimizing my budget on meds and hospital. I’m with eczema history find this as a relief that i could finally find a better option of wheat.

It’s no secret that baking with a gluten free flour is not meeting our expectation in the result. Because without gluten, it’s just won’t rise and lose the elasticity. So, when you love to bake so much like i do, Einkorn is a much better option in baking healthily.

I used Einkorn couple of times in baking and it shows me a great result in rising and texture. So even though i have to spend more budget on Einkorn, i am satisfied with everything it offers.

These are couple of recipes with Einkorn that i’ve made :

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