Another my husband’s favorite for beef dish is this, Beef Mushroom Stroganoff. An original stroganoff will have full cream dairy and cooking cream. But today i am making one with my homemade oatmilk which also turns out so tasty and rich in flavour.

Beef. I use a beef yakiniku cut here, but you can use any kind of beef. Look for the meat with less fat – cut it in pieces.

Mushroom. I use Champignon mushroom, but you can use any kind of mushroom you like. Wipe it clean, i don’t put it in the water to prevent it to be too watery in texture. The dryer the mushroom, the better it will be when it’s cooked.

Oatmilk. Check on my oatmilk recipe here.

Garlic and Onion. Mince everything in small pieces.

Herbs. I use parsley and green onion. Feel free to add any herbs you like.

Lemon. A squeezed lemon will always add some freshness to the dish

Seasoning. Never forget to season everything for sure. Salt and pepper, plus some garlic powder.

  • Put some olive oil, Saute the onion and garlic, add in with the beef (you want to saute them in single layer – don’t stack the beef or else it will be chewy because of the fat from the upper layer ). Just when it’s cook – pick it up and set aside, we don’t want to overcook the beef with including it in the whole process
  • Put some olive oil, add the sliced mushroom in the pan. Don’t move the mushroom, simply wait until the mushroom is brown in one side and then stir it until it’s all perfectly brown
  • Pour your oatmilk and you’ll see that it will thicken to a sauce
  • Add in the beef and garlic onion
  • Add some seasonings and herbs
  • Cook a while and it’s done

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