I called this a simple, healthier but also a happy breakfast. Eating is something that has a big impact on our emotions, vice versa, emotions has also a big impact on the foods we eat. So in everything you eat, be grateful and also be happy. The things is, healthy foods can also be happy foods. well, all the recipes on this blog is making me happily healthy for sure.

If you are making your own oatmilk, then you’ll have a leftover damped oat, right? Don’t underestimate this leftover, and don’t throw it away. You could make cookies our of it or turn it to easy pancakes!

Use this leftover oat from your oatmilk (check the oatmilk recipe here) with 2 eggs, you can also add some maple syrup if you want. But i prefer to not use any sweetener because eventually i am going to spread some of my tasty homemade spreads.

Pour it on a non stick pans with your ladle, and grill it there with small to medium heat. Turn upside down when you see some bubbles. You don’t need any butter or oil on the pan.

My homemade spreads :


Strawberry Jam

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