Vegetable Curry With Rice

So this is what my family’s lunch looked like yesterday. Usually Indonesian Curry will have either meat, fish or chicken, but i kind of switch it to all vegan and taste just as good.

Curry paste. I was using a bought curry paste but a freshly grind one from a local traditional market here. It is simply easier with all fresh ingredients.

Coconut milk. Every curry dish will always need a coconut milk for the broth – but if you’re avoiding coconut milk, you can also switch it to almond milk. it won’t as creamy as coconut milk, but it will still be fine.

Herbs. I am using lime leaves, indonesian bay leaf and lemongrass. These will add a beautiful smell and taste.

Veggies. You can use any kind of veggies but i picked broccoli, tempeh and tofu. It will also good with potatoes, carrots, mushroom, etc.

Cut and wash all the veggies. Then pan fry (with little bit oil) tempe and tofu.

Boil the broccoli for 5 minutes, drain it and put in the fridge. set aside.

Add some oils to the pan, once it’s heated, pour in the curry paste and herbs. Stir a while then add the coconut milk + water. So the broth won’t get too thick.

Put in all the seasonings, salt and pepper, garlic powder, mushroom powder.

Add in all the veggies and stir a while. I am cooking with small – medium heat from the beginning while stiring all the time.

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