Gluten & Dairy Free Oat Pancake

So if you like making my homemade oatmilk, don’t ever throw away your leftover oats! Add 2 eggs, put it on the pan and you’ll have a tasty pancakes for breakfast with your oatmilk!

So today i think it’s the simplest recipe i’ve made so far. It only needs 2 ingredients and 1 step!

Take your leftover oats after making your oatmilk, add 2 eggs to it, mix them up altogether with a fork / whisk.

Put it on the heated pan, wait until it’s a little bubbly and turn it over, there you’ll have oat pancakes!

It’s fulfiling and so tasty, add some homemade jam or spread to it and you’ll have your breakfast or snack in just 10-15 minutes!

In case you miss my Homemade Oatmilk recipes, click here.

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