Salmon Mentai with Homemade Mayo and Homemade Sauces – it’s whilefoods!

Salmon Mentai is so popular in Asian cuisine, it’s orginated from Japan where they had salmon mentai sushi in any sushi restaurants. And it has traveled to around the world. If you love salmon and the creaminess of mayonaise, you’ll love this for sure! But this is not a common Salmon Mentai that you’ll find on the store, for every ingredients in here is homemade!!! It’s wholefoods even the mayo and sauces ! Talk about eating a very tasty dish and yet guilt and worry free.

Salmon. I use wild salmon / salmon trout. The meat has a darker color and taste better. Dice it up and marinate before grilling them in the pan.

Mentai Sauce. I made my own mentai sauce with my homemade mayonaise, homemade chili sauce and homemade ketchup. You can also add tobiko. So everything was made from wholefoods. But taste so tasty it’s even better that some restaurants had i assure you. Because i too always orderrd salmon mentai sushi / rice bowl when i went to a Japanese restaurant.

Marinate sauce. Marinate the fish with organic salty soy sauce, garlic powder, pepper, and minced parsley.

Blow torch. You’ll need a blow torch to fire up the mayonaise to make it roasted like and smells even better.

  • Prep your mentai sauce, use a pipping bag to put all the mentai sauce ingredients altogether and stir it thoroughly. Taste it while mixing them. If you need more seasoning, add salt and pepper. But be minded that your salmon is already salty. So we don’t need a too salty mentai sauce.
  • Pan fry the marinated salmon until it’s brown on both sides.
  • Put it on top of your rice, and
  • with the mentai sauce in the pipping bag, pour it covering your salmon
  • Use a blow torch to heat the mayonaise until it’s a little bit roasted

You can do this with sushi or rice, you can enjoy it with some veggies or pickels. But this alone is already so tasty and unforgetable.

How i ate it the other day with my husband.

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