Simple Garlic Pakcoy

Me and my husband has committed to do our best to always have green veggies every day. Some days we have a more complicated menu but usually we always go to the simple dish like this. It doesn’t need a lot of ingredients or a lot of times.

In washing veggies, we commonly use veggie wash. Beside veggie wash, we also could use like apple cider vinegar or tangerine. They will also wash away the bacterias and pests. Well any way we’re using to wash our veggies will prevent us from having chemical toxic from the pests or bacterias.

There are some of fruit and vegetables that’s better to buy organic but there are some that are okay to buy conventional ones.

For this dish we only need to saute some garlic, put the pakcoy in and add a little of water, season it with pinch of salt & pepper, and cook until the pakcoy is translucent but not overcook.

It’s so simple to make but important to have.

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