Guacamole with Homemade Potato Chips

What could be more enjoyable in summer than a dish of freshness? And one of the way to do that is with a Guacamole! and add to that fresh dip, i also made crispy potato chips!

Avocado. Pick 2 good avocados and btw i’ll be sharing with you simple tips of how to keep your leftover guacamole / avocado so it won’t turns brown later on this blog.

Red Onion and squeezed lime. So, usually people will squeeze a the lime to the guacamole. But here we’re doing it a little bit different. Minced all the red onion and marinate it in 1 squeezed lime (or lemon). This way, your guacamole won’t be too “watery” but still has that acidic freshness.

Herbs. I use parsley.

Spice. For a bit of spice, i add red pepper and chili. You can also use jalapeno.

Guacamole :

  • Mince up coupld of red onions, put it in a smaller bowl and squeeze 1 lime to it. Let it sit and marinate there.
  • Cut all the other ingredients start from pepper, tomatoes (leave the seeds out so it won’t get watery), chili and parsley.
  • Prep the avocado, cut it in half and gouge it out with a spoon. Continue with smashing it with a fork in a bowl. If you wish the texture to be more chunky then smash it just a bit, if you wish it to be more creamy then smash it all up.
  • Then add all the other ingredients to the avocado bowl
  • Lastly, take the red onions with spoon (drain the lime juice) and add in to the bowl, give it all a good mix
  • And add the lime juice until you’ve met the taste you want
  • Add seasoning when it’s needed. I personally didn’t add anything more as it’s so fresh and good already

Potato Chips :

  • It’s so simple with only 1 way to do this and only one ingredients which is the potato itself
  • Peel the potato skin, wash it clean
  • Then use the same peeler to peel the meat as much as you can get, wash it all clean again and drain all the water
  • Heat coconut oil in a pan
  • And fry them in single layer. If they stock together while you’re frying, use the spatula to kind of separate them
  • Fry until it turns yellow (don’t wait until it’s get too brown or else it will taste bitter)
  • I don’t add any seasoning because trust me, it’s tasty already without anything added
  • But if you like some seasoning, add a pinch of salt and pepper, garlic powder or chicken powder will be great


  • Pick avocados that still clogged to its stem, don’t pick out avocados that has hole in them
  • If you got left out avocado (which is rare) or guacamole, this tips might be useful
  • Keep your avocado / guacamole in a jar and pour cold water to it, keep them in the fridge and they will stay green for 24 hours
  • Avocado : position them upside down and drown them in a cold water
  • Guacamole : put it in a jar and flat-en the top of your guacamole, pour cold water in it. If you’re ready to serve it, drain the water and you’ll have the same guacamole as before

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