Green Forest Salad with Homemade Mayonaise Dressing

So on the next post, i’ll share how to make a quesadillas for the wrap of this salad. But before then, let’s dig in into this easy peasy salad recipe but taste so good that i literally finished this big bowl myself lol

What i add to this salad are :

  • Lettuce
  • Grapes! Really, adding grapes is so much better and flavorous than tomatoes! It has that crunch texture, sweet and sour taste which blends so good with everything
  • Hard Boiled eggs. Crushed the boiled yolk with your homemade mayo and slice up the white egg
  • Parsley
  • Roasted Almond. Beside the grapes, adding roasted almond is also a game changer, you’ll get that roasty smell and crunchy nut taste you’ll just love!

To combine everything into one perfect dish is the homemade mayonaise and the seasoning though. Check on my homemade mayonaise recipe here. You can simply and easily make it at home within 10’minutes!

For the seasoning, usually we’ll just use salt and pepper. But to advance the flavor, i suggest to add chicken powder seasoning. Or if you don’t have one, add some garlic powder, mushroom powder, salt and black pepper.

I’d like to eat it straight from the bowl, but sometimes i’d also like to wrap it around with homemade quesadillas that i’m going to share to you on the next post!

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