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Homemade Gluten Free Quesadillas

The difference between tortilla and quesadillas beside from the making process is the final texture. Quesadillas are soft and more chewy, it’s more like a soft crepes. But it’s also taste good and goes perfectly to be a wrap. It’s best for curry wrap, but also works well for a salad wrap. But what i love most about this is how easy to actually make this compare to tortilla!!! It’s like making a thin pancake, you don’t need to form a dough nor a rolling pin!

Flour. I use cassava gluten free flour. But you can use any gluten free flour.

Eggs. We only going to use the white eggs. Set aside all the yolk.

Water. Unlike tortila that requires a warm water, quesadillas can use a room temperatur water.

Seasoning. You’ll going to need salt and garlic powder.

Baking powder. You’ll also going to need a baking powder.

  • Mix up everything in a bowl with a spoon / fork
  • It will not be a dough, it will be more liquid and not thicker than a pancake mix
  • Fry pan in a non stick pans. Pour in the middle with a pan and turn around quickly to make a circle
  • If you want to use it as a salad wrap, be minded to use a bigger pan to create a bigger wrap, so it will be easier to be filled with the filling
  • Pan fry until both sides turns brown and set aside
The texture will be like a crepe mix

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