I remember how i always liked chicken lemon sauce when my parents took me to a chinesse restaurant. It’s sweet and sour and smells lemon! Eating it with a warm rice is like bringing me to those moments. The difference is now, i am actually cooking it myself!

Lemon. You’ll need 4 lemons, skin 1 lemon and slice it thin and squeeze all 4 lemons in a bowl.

Chicken. Take a chicken breast / thigh, slice it (if you’d like a thin and crisp chicken) or cut it (if you want it more chunky). Marinate the chicken and bring it to a bowl of flour and cover them with the flour before frying it.

Chicken :

After marinating it, with all the watery marinate, pour it to a bowl of flour and with your hands just gently squeeze them to the flour, to make a good crispy outer layer. then fry them until it’s crispy.

Marinate sauce : salty soy sace, sweet soy sauce, pepper

Lemon sauce :

Add into a bowl, 4 squeeze lemons + pepper + 3 tbs sugar + 1 tbs of honey and the lemon skin (zest)

Be mindful with putting your lemon zest, because too much of zest will make the sauce tastes bitter. To avoid this, you can also put the lemon zest in the end of the cooking process.

Then saute garlic and sliced ginger until it smells nice, put it your lemon sauce and cook it until it’s caramelized a bit

Add in the fried chicken and stir just thoroughly.

And you’re done.

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