Flourless Chocolate Cake

You’re right! This one is literally flour free! But i can assure you, it’s not just flourless but also taste flawless! You won’t get a mushy cloud bread that is happening on Instagram lately that i literally just can not eat it. But this one, i’m pretty sure you’ll like it. It’s more like a brownie but lighter, it also has it’s dense though.

This chocolate is surely gluten free as it doesn’t contain any flour at all. You can make it dairy free or even Paleo friendly.

Eggs. For the eggs, we are going to separate the yolk from the egg whites. Keep them on separate bowls as we are going to use both.

Sugar. You can use coconut sugar, monk fruit or maple syrup. There will be a slightly different texture from all sugars but it will do just fine. I use coconut sugar.

Espresso powder. It’s no secret now that espresso powder brings up the chocolate taste even more.

Chocolate. You can use dark chocolate chips or bar. You can also use milk chocolate if you’re not avoiding dairy.

Vegan butter. To melt with the chocolate, but you can also ise coconut oil instead.

Sprinkle. I use cacao powder for sprinkle, but feel free to get creative with the sprinkle.

Steps : 

  • Prepare your tin with baking sheets lining on it, butter every sides
  • Separate your eggs and leave it to room temperature (especially if you just take it oit from the fridge, pouch it and let it sit)
  • Melt butter with chocolate in a double boiler method (put the chocolate and butter in a smaller pan, with a wok / caserole underneath filled with water). Cook it in the water so the chocolate won’t get burn. Cook until it’s melt, set aside and let it sit to room temperature
  • Mix the egg whites with a mixer until it’s at soft to medium peak
  • Add the sugar and mix until it’s combined thoroughly, set aside
  • Now take the yolks and pour it to the room temperature chocolate (avoid doing this in a hot chocolate as we don’t want our eggs to be a scramble eggs), give it a stir
  • Add espresso powder and stir well
  • Take 1/3 part of the egg whites and stir it with the chocolate batter, don’t worry to defleat it, we just want to give the chocolate batter a dense, so just stir it vigorously
  • Now pour the rest of the egg whites to the chocolate batter
  • Becareful and gently do the folding (stir with just scraping from under the batter to the top along the sides of the bowl), don’t overdo it to not defleat it too much
  • Once it’s combined , pour it into the tin. Give some space for it to puff up
  • Bake in 150 C for 40 minutes
  • This cake will puff to the top of the tin just like a souffle, but will drop once it’s cold

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