Oregano Garden Salad

Garden salad like this will always be enjoyable wether we eat it alone or as a side dish! Just like what i did with my Egg Benedict which i am going to share in the next post. This salad has the freshness, nutty and also oregano taste and smells. For you who love oregano, i do think you’ll love this like i do.

For the salad dressings, there are only couple of ingredients needed really, but i am quite surprised and satisfied of how these couple ingredients could make bunch of raw vegetables so enjoyable.

Oil. For the fat, i use olive oil. It’s either extra virgin olive oil or light olive oil. Other options for good fat will be avocado oil or coconut oil.

Seasoning. I guess we’ll agree that salt and pepper are the basic for almost every dish. So yes, ponch of salt and pepper, i use black pepper for a stronger pepper taste.

Extra. I also add Few extras like garlic powder and dried oregano flakes.

Stir everything in one bowl and pour it to the salad and enjoy :))

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