Egg Benedict with Homemade Hollandaise Sauce

This is one of my favorite classic breakfast menu. Two eggs benedict on top of a bake sweet potato and garden salad with homemade hollandaise sauce! Let’s dig in!


To make an egg benedict, it is best to use a fresh new eggs – for new fresh eggs will usually have a thicker egg whites. And we do need a thick egg whites to make a beautiful round form of benedict. But because we can’t say whether the eggs we buy is new or not, there’s a simple tips we can do.

Poach an egg to a strainer and strain the lighter whites, take the yolk and thicker whites to a small bowl. Set aside, we will use it for boiling.

  • Boil water in a bigger pan, make sure you’re not using too little of water as we want to make a vortex (water swirl / whirling) in the water
  • When it’s almot come to a boil, but not until it’s boiling, you’ll see many bubbles on the base of the pan. Start making a vortex (make it from slow to fast gently)
  • Then take your egg in a bowl and pour it to the center of the vortex while it’s still whirling
  • If the whirling stop to fast, use a spatula to add more whirl but becareful to not touch the egg
  • Boil the eggs for 3 minutes, pick it up
  • Put it in a bowl of water + ice cubes to stop the cooking
  • If you want to serve it warm, simply dip it in a warm / hot water for coupr of seconds and serve


This easy making sauce will be perfect for your egg benedict. Don’t be tempted by how it looks because it’s such an easy and quick recipe with simple ingredients. Check the Hollandaise Sauce Recipe here.


Adding some fresh greens salad will make this even more fresh and enjoyable.

With all fresh and raw ingredients and easy but tasty dressings, you can nail this garden salad anytime. Check all you need to make this beautiful Garden Salad here.

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