Paddington’s Orange Marmalade – Orange Jam

My kid loves Paddington! And that means i “have to” also watch it because eventually our TV at home has been dominated by the kids lol. Everyone who watch Paddington knew how he loves orange marmalde sandwich so much!!! And for that, i made them this morning for my kid and he loves it!!!!!!

Every fruit jam basically only consist of 2 ingredients (3 elements) which are the fruit itself, water/fruit’s squeezed and sugar. And those are all we also need for this fresh and tasty Orange Marmalade.

Oranges. We’ll need both orange squeezed and orange clove. The orange cloves will add texture and make it even more tastier.

Sugar. You can use sugar, stevia or monk fruit. Because i made this for kids, i still use white sugar, as stevia would give a bitter taste and it’s very hard (i haven’t even ever) find any monk fruit sugar in Indonesia.

  • Squeezed the oranges until it’s reached 200-300 ml
  • Peel and pick out the orange cloves one by one. Clean the white threads, cut it in half and also clean out the seeds
  • Put in a pan all the orange’s squeezed
  • Add in the orange cloves
  • Add in the sugar
  • Cook with medium heat while stiring it until it’s reached the jam texture, it will take a while but it will get there once the sugar is caramalized and the orange squeezed lessen. Becareful not too wait until it’s very thick as all jams will be more thicken once it’s cold

The flavors are so fresh, sweet and smells citrucy for sure which i love so much! No wonder Paddington loves it too much that he will take it everywhere under his hat lol.

Store it in a jar inside the fridge for 2 months.

Ingredients :

  • 300 ml orange juice (squeezed orange)
  • 2 oranges (take its cloves)
  • 4 tbs sugar

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