Chickpeas Vegetable Soup

So it was saturday, a weekend for all of the families and i’ve wanted to make cottage pie so much but since i got no time since online school has started, last saturday is finally my day making cottage pie! This time, for the filling, i’ve made a chickpeas vegetable soup which is comforting, warmth and tasty as well 🙂

Chickpeas. I bought dry chickpeas, simply soak it overnight and it will come triple in size by the morning and ready to be cooked.

Tomatoes. We need both fresh tomatoes and tomato paste.

Vegetables. I add some brocolli and carrots with additional herb, parsley.

Broth. I used beef broth, but feel free to use any broth or even just water if you are not having broth at home.

Steps :

  • Steam the corn snd carrots if you wish to have it softer
  • Saute minced garlic and onion until it’s translucent and aromatic
  • Add in the chickpeas (once you rinse and wash it with water), stir a while
  • Add in the broth, we don’t need a lot broth, just enough to cover the chickpeas. Let it cook for a while about 15-20 minutes until it absorbs
  • add in the veggies
  • Add seasonings ( salt, pepper, garlic powder, chili powder (optional)) and tomato paste
  • Give it a taste and cook for a while

If you want to make it as a cottage pie’s filling, put it in the bowl under mashed potato and bake for 30-40 minutes in 200 C

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