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Oven Bake Kale Chips

I am not actually a Kale lover. But i made two recipes out of Kale that turn out so good yesterday. First one is this, Kale Chips!

Kale. I use curly Kale. For this recipe, we need to make sire that Kale is not wet when we’d like to put it in to the oven. So if you are washing the Kale, dry it first with towel / sheets.

Oil. Another important ingredient in this simple recipe is oil. Inuse Olive Oil.

Seasonings. For the seasoning, it may be vary. You can add in garlic powder – onion powder – chili powder – salt and pepper – etc.

  • After washing and dry the Kale, prepare the oil and seasoning
  • Simply mix together the seasoning into the oil
  • Take an oil brush and brush all the surface of the Kale with oil and put it on the tray in single layer. Brush it gently and just enough. No need to coat it too much / wet as it will make our Kale turns soggy
  • Bake the Kale in 150 C for about 10-15 minutes (keep an eye – as every oven could be different)
  • Once we take it out of the oven it will still looks bit soggy but give it a minute then it will crisp right away
  • And since this is an oven bake crisp, it won’t crisp for long. It is suggested to enjoy all of them once bake or rebake it when you want to enjoy it later

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