Easy Chocolate Spread / Dip

When it comes to chocolate, i have two people who seems like to always crave for them. They are my two kids lol. And so, i always stock up this easy chocolate spread in the fridge. Other than making it as spread, you could also simply turn it to chocolate dip with only a simple step. Why it is easy? It only uses 2 ingredients! Yes only two!

Chocolate. You can use any kind of chocolate from chocolate bar to chocolate chips. Here i use chocolate chips which what were left on my fridge lol

Coconut Oil. You can use Virgin Coconut Oil or butter. Oil will help the chocolate to melt and not getting harden once it’s cooled.

With just one step, this chocolate spread or dip can be used for so many dishes. From a simple bread with chocolate spread to various bread’s filling.

  1. Mix in one bowl the chocolate and oil, the more oils you put inside will make your chocolate more liquid. So, when you put too much oil, it will be more of chocolate dip than spread.
  2. Heat then in a pan flying above the stove (don’t let the pan touch the fire to prevent burning).
  3. or you can use a double boiler method, which is melting the chocolate in a bowl above a pan filled with water.

And there you go, with only 2 ingredients and 1 step, you can have a tasty chocolate chocolate spread. Simple tips, add in some nut butter will also make it even more tastier.

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