Chicken Satay

Living in Indonesia, satay is probably one of a dish that you can find everywhere in the country. It’s so popular and common to eat as a main course in Indonesia. There are many kind of satay, such as Sate Padang (Where usually you’ll have goat meat with a thick almost looks like curry sauce,… Continue reading Chicken Satay

Spicy Lime Fish Skillet

If you are a tom yam lover just like me, then you’ll certainly love this dish! It’s a bit sour, spicy and has a very fresh taste in the every bite.

Petite Almond Pancakes

The first time i used Almond Flour as the base flour of my pancakes, i fell in love. If you like a light pancakes, you should go with almond flour for sure. It gives a light texture in every bite of it. This is a very simple recipe that you could make anytime for breakfast… Continue reading Petite Almond Pancakes

Hawaiian Mango Salad

When it comes to mango season, i can’t help to not buying it lol. The sweetness of Mango and the softness of it seems to be addicting. And since Indonesia is in mango season, let’s make the most of it.

Sugar Free Strawberry Jam

My first born is a strawberry’s fan! He will pick everything that has a strawberry flavor, and that is why i always restock my homemade strawberry jam at home.

Chicken Lemonade with Aromatic Rice

Ah another chicken recipes! I mean, who doesn’t like anything cooked with chicken right lol. Writing this recipe makes me wander to the freshness of lemon in every slice of the chicken. Who knows lemon and chicken could really turns out perfect!

Chicken Fajitas

This Chicken Fajitas is easy to make yet really tasty and making me want it more and more. You can have it as appetizer or even main course. It’s the juiciest and soft chicken with such a strong seasoning!

Enjoyable Bitter Kale Salad

I am not a Kale fans honestly. Eventhough it’s healthy and nutritious, i just find it too bitter for me. Buttt making this salad changed my mind! Loving this salad, still has the bitterness of Kale but it’s covered with so manu natural sweetness and freshness! So enjoyable i gotta say.

Oven Bake Kale Chips

I am not actually a Kale lover. But i made two recipes out of Kale that turn out so good yesterday. First one is this, Kale Chips!


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