Chickpeas Vegetable Soup

So it was saturday, a weekend for all of the families and i’ve wanted to make cottage pie so much but since i got no time since online school has started, last saturday is finally my day making cottage pie! This time, for the filling, i’ve made a chickpeas vegetable soup which is comforting, warmth… Continue reading Chickpeas Vegetable Soup


This one is an easy and simple recipe of a cookie! It’s a no mixer and even you can make it as a no bake cookies too!


Shakshuka is one of Israelites’s food that comes from Middle East sides. It’s super rady with all of the easy to get ingredients with a tasty taste. Perfect to be enjoyed with a bowl of rice, or bread.

Paddington’s Orange Marmalade – Orange Jam

My kid loves Paddington! And that means i “have to” also watch it because eventually our TV at home has been dominated by the kids lol. Everyone who watch Paddington knew how he loves orange marmalde sandwich so much!!! And for that, i made them this morning for my kid and he loves it!!!!!!

Homemade Hollandaise Sauce

For my Egg Benedict recipes, i made this easy and also tasty Hollandaise Sauce that is perfect for egg benedict at all times! And the good news is, you could actually make this as a replacement for my homemade mayonaise recipes if you are avoiding raw eggs from the mayo.

Oregano Garden Salad

Garden salad like this will always be enjoyable wether we eat it alone or as a side dish! Just like what i did with my Egg Benedict which i am going to share in the next post. This salad has the freshness, nutty and also oregano taste and smells. For you who love oregano, i… Continue reading Oregano Garden Salad

Dairy Free Banana Ice Cream

With only 3 ingredients and one step one tool, you can create a tasty dairy free ice cream! Even my kids love them, which means this is taste approved by the expert of ice cream (which basically are kids duh)

Lime & Cilantro Roast Chicken

This roast chicken has that acidity and freshness from the lime and also that unique smell and taste of cilantro! I don’t know about you – but i do love it!!! I even ate the chicken with raw cilantro as the side dish (eventually you see – it’s just not enough for me lol)

My Best Cottage Pie

Shepherd’s pie, cottage pie or hachis parmentier is a ground meat pie with a crust or topping of mashed potato of english origin. The difference between shepherd or cottage is the meat used. Ee call it shepherd when we’re using ground lamb, and cotage when we use ground beef.


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