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Latest from the Blog

Petite Almond Pancakes

The first time i used Almond Flour as the base flour of my pancakes, i fell in love. If you like a light pancakes, you should go with almond flour for sure. It gives a light texture in every bite of it. This is a very simple recipe that you could make anytime for breakfast… Continue reading Petite Almond Pancakes

Hawaiian Mango Salad

When it comes to mango season, i can’t help to not buying it lol. The sweetness of Mango and the softness of it seems to be addicting. And since Indonesia is in mango season, let’s make the most of it.

Sugar Free Strawberry Jam

My first born is a strawberry’s fan! He will pick everything that has a strawberry flavor, and that is why i always restock my homemade strawberry jam at home.

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