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Latest from the Blog

Chicken Satay

Living in Indonesia, satay is probably one of a dish that you can find everywhere in the country. It’s so popular and common to eat as a main course in Indonesia. There are many kind of satay, such as Sate Padang (Where usually you’ll have goat meat with a thick almost looks like curry sauce,… Continue reading Chicken Satay

Spicy Lime Fish Skillet

If you are a tom yam lover just like me, then you’ll certainly love this dish! It’s a bit sour, spicy and has a very fresh taste in the every bite.

Easy Chocolate Spread / Dip

When it comes to chocolate, i have two people who seems like to always crave for them. They are my two kids lol. And so, i always stock up this easy chocolate spread in the fridge. Other than making it as spread, you could also simply turn it to chocolate dip with only a simple… Continue reading Easy Chocolate Spread / Dip

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