Chicken Satay

Living in Indonesia, satay is probably one of a dish that you can find everywhere in the country. It’s so popular and common to eat as a main course in Indonesia. There are many kind of satay, such as Sate Padang (Where usually you’ll have goat meat with a thick almost looks like curry sauce, Sate Lilit Bali, and so many more). What i am making today is probably the most common ones, its Sate Ayam with sweet peanut sauce.

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Petite Almond Pancakes

The first time i used Almond Flour as the base flour of my pancakes, i fell in love. If you like a light pancakes, you should go with almond flour for sure. It gives a light texture in every bite of it. This is a very simple recipe that you could make anytime for breakfast or brunch. Pssttt.. Petite size pancake is much more enjoyable!!! Even the kids will “unconsciously” eat more and more lol

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