2 Layers Einkorn Brownie

What i love about baking a cake is that when it’s between meal time and i got hungry, i could just grab this delicious brownie one or two pieces. What i don’t like about it though, is that how fast this run out in the house since all the family just love it lol. This brownie is not like any other brownie because it has 2 layers to it, the base of this brownie is actually the cookie layer (and yes i’s a cookie dough), the upper layer the is the brownie layer.

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So it’s basically a classic aglio olio recipe, but i was trying for the first time using Einkorn Spaghetti. Einkorn is the first form of wheat, is an ancient wheat. The difference between einkorn wheat and a modern wheat itself is that modern wheat has been transformed so much through lots of processes that actually has become a new species of wheat that contains Gliadin. Check the between the difference details here.

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