Petite Almond Pancakes

The first time i used Almond Flour as the base flour of my pancakes, i fell in love. If you like a light pancakes, you should go with almond flour for sure. It gives a light texture in every bite of it. This is a very simple recipe that you could make anytime for breakfast or brunch. Pssttt.. Petite size pancake is much more enjoyable!!! Even the kids will “unconsciously” eat more and more lol

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Flourless Chocolate Cake

You’re right! This one is literally flour free! But i can assure you, it’s not just flourless but also taste flawless! You won’t get a mushy cloud bread that is happening on Instagram lately that i literally just can not eat it. But this one, i’m pretty sure you’ll like it. It’s more like a brownie but lighter, it also has it’s dense though.

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2 Layers Einkorn Brownie

What i love about baking a cake is that when it’s between meal time and i got hungry, i could just grab this delicious brownie one or two pieces. What i don’t like about it though, is that how fast this run out in the house since all the family just love it lol. This brownie is not like any other brownie because it has 2 layers to it, the base of this brownie is actually the cookie layer (and yes i’s a cookie dough), the upper layer the is the brownie layer.

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