Salmon Mentai with Homemade Mayo and Homemade Sauces – it’s whilefoods!

Salmon Mentai is so popular in Asian cuisine, it’s orginated from Japan where they had salmon mentai sushi in any sushi restaurants. And it has traveled to around the world. If you love salmon and the creaminess of mayonaise, you’ll love this for sure! But this is not a common Salmon Mentai that you’ll find on the store, for every ingredients in here is homemade!!! It’s wholefoods even the mayo and sauces ! Talk about eating a very tasty dish and yet guilt and worry free.

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Homemade Chili Sauce with Homemade Potato Chips

Being an Indonesian, we love chili, and there are a lot of dishes including chili in it. We also love buying and even taking packed chili sauce abroad. So if you bump up with someone in a restaurant that happens to open a brought chili sauce, she / he probably is Indonesian lol. And today i am making my own homemade chili sauce.

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